Cycling Betting

Tour de France 2019 Predictions

Shame on me. Being one day late with the Zweeler prediction of the biggest cycling event of the year. The first stage is already finished, but - scout’s honor - I did not use those results when making the predictions below. Do not forget out to check out our Tour de France race page. The predictions for the Tour de France can be found in Table 1 and are based on Zweeler game points (so you do not see e.

Tour de Suisse 2019 Predictions

The Tour de Suisse is, just like the Dauphiné, an important part of the Tour de France preparation of many riders. Below you can find the Zweeler poule predictions for the Tour de Suisse, but together with these predictions I discovered quite an insensitivity of the algorithm towards more mountain stages. As a consequence, the top 3 consists of sprinters, whereas there is only one true sprint opportunity.