Tirreno Adriatico

Tirreno Adriatico 2021 Prediction

In Table 1 you can find the predictions for the Tirreno Adriatico results. This prediction is slightly too late. I created it only at 12:45 hrs on the race date. The prediction model is fitted on a modified inverted rank score. A high score means that a rider is likely to end up high in the ranking. We are continuously improving our prediction models and some type of predictions may be better than others.

Tirreno – Adriatico

Updated with results up to the 2021 edition

On this page you can find all sorts of historical Tirreno – Adriatico cycling statistics. This page is permanently under construction and will be expanded and improved with more cycling statistics and visualizations. If you are interested in cycling betting don’t forget to check out our predictions page. The 2021 Tirreno – Adriatico predictions will be published once the startlist is (almost) final.

Tirreno Adriatico 2019 Prediction

The 66th Tirreno Adriatico starts on the 13th of March 2019. This edition features no real mountain stages, but there will be plenty of climbing involved since the race organizers advertise with the quote “The champions vs the ‘Wall’”. Traditionally the Tirreno starts with a team time trial of almost 22 kilometers. The prediction that we present in Table 1 is for the Tirreno Zweeler poule.