Paris - Nice 2019 Prediction

The Sun’s Race, a.k.a. Paris Nice will start on Sunday March 10. This seven stage race is about 1240 kilometers long and features a time trial of 25.5 kilometers in stage 5 and a finish on the Col de Turini in stage 6.

In Table 1 you can find the predictions for the Paris - Nice Zweeler poule. In general, these predictions are also useful for other types of bets/poules. The predictions are based on the startlist that we downloaded on the 7th of March from Zweeler. However this list is incomplete. We will update the predictions once the final list is available. Besides this point of attention there are the usual remarks:

  • Our predictions are based on quantitative models and are presented in hard tables instead of stories.
  • The predictions in the table are specifically for Zweeler games. In these games riders score points by ending up in the top 25 of a race. The first place in a race stage is good for 35 points, the 20th spot yields just 1 point. The provides the 20 riders that will score most points according to the forecast model.
  • We are continuously improving our prediction models and some type of predictions may be better than others. Always combine these cycling predictions with other information.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message.