Tour Down Under 2019 Prediction

Final Forecast Tour Down Under 2019

It has been quite some work but we managed to generate our first cycling prediction right in time for the Tour Down Under. No worries, we will spare you all the technical details. However, it is good to know that this forecast is specifically generated for the Zweeler Tour Down Under game. In this game riders score points by ending up in the top 20 of a stage. The first place is good for 35 points, the twentieth spot yields just 1 point.

In addition to the stage scores you also need to predict a winner of the general and points classification. These predictions are not provided below. Here you only see the riders that are most likely to score a lot of points with the stage results. Just to emphasize, the names below are raw output, and may not always be sensible. The forecast is generated with the startlist as known on January 13, 2019 and this is the final prediction for this race.

Table 1 below provides the top 15 riders that are expected to score most Zweeler points. The prediction changed slightly from the earlier version and any riders that are no longer included or new are explicitly indicated in the column ‘update’. It is wise to combine these cycling predictions with your own insights, especially since this is the first race of the season and there are basically no recent results available.