UAE Tour 2019 Prediction

The UAE tour is the one and only World Tour race in the Middle East. The race starts in Abu Dhabi and finishes in Dubai. Both countries hosted their own races in previous years, but are joining forces from now on. What to expect? Well lot’s of desert of course, but there is a serious lineup that appears at the start with the top sprinters (Viviani, Ewan, Gaviria) and very strong GC contenders, Dumoulin, Froome, Nibali and Roglic, to just name a few.

In Table 1 you can find the predictions for the UAE Tour Zweeler poule. In general, these predictions are also useful for other types of bets/poules, however, keep in min that the first stage is a team time trial (TTT). In the Zweeler poules you need to select the outright winner for a TTT, so the TTT results do not contribute to the rider scores below. Besides this point of attention there are the usual remarks:

  • Our predictions are based on quantitative models and are presented in hard tables instead of stories.
  • The predictions in the table are specifically for Zweeler games. In these games riders score points by ending up in the top 25 of a race. The first place in a race stage is good for 35 points, the 20th spot yields just 1 point. The provides the 20 riders that will score most points according to the forecast model.
  • We are continuously improving our prediction models and some type of predictions may be better than others. Always combine these cycling predictions with other information.
  • The predictions are generated for the riders on the startlist that we downloaded the 19th of February from PCS.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message.